Shiro_o's 2016 Wardrobe Post

Hi all! Here's my 2016 wardrobe! I failed last year's resolution, which was to buy more blouses, necklaces and wristcuffs. Due to health problems, I didn't wear my dresses as much as I hoped or buy as many things as I hoped, but I still bought 2 dream dresses this year, which is a victory by itself.

Precedent posts: 2014, 2015

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Shiro_o's 2015 Wardrobe Post


Hello everyone! This is my second wardrobe post here. ^^ Before I even realized it, my wardrobe grew quite a lot in 2014!

My goals for 2015 would be to define my style more towards Classic and, mostly, acquire some of my dream dresses and more non-print pieces from my wishlist.

So here's a bigger and hopefuly still strangely cohesive Classic and Sweet wardrobe! :)
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Shiro_o's 2014 Wardrobe Post


Hello, this is my first time doing a wardrobe post. My wardrobe is still quite small even though I've been into Lolita for over a year and a half now, but each piece is very precious to me. I hope you'll appreciate it. (ノ^∇^)
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I don't think anyone's ever done this and I figured that a lot of people would be interested in knowing what brand print and cut names in French meant, and whether or not they were silly/grammatically correct. :)
So I compiled a little list of all the print names I could gather through Lolibrary and Hellolace, translated and explained them. Some might have slipped through as this was a very hard research. Feel free to bring them up to me. ^^ I'm also willing to translate print inscriptions and embroideries.
I am a native French-speaking Canadian.
So I'm going to start by brand and year using Lolibrary's classing system. ^.^
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  • Mary in the Sky with Candies skirt;
  • Twinkle Constellation and the Stars of Confeito skirt/JSK;
  • Alice and the Looking Glass of Time skirt;
  • Creamy Soda Pop skirt in mint;
  • Queen of Snow skirt.
  • Misty Sky skirt in any colourway but pink;
  • Sugar Pansy skirt;
  • Milky Berry skirt.


  • Edward Boarding School Jacket Skirt Set;
  • Bunny Story Chiffon Skirt;
  • Power and Throne JSK II;
  • Butterfly Coffin Embroidery JSK Cape Set;
  • Cinderella and Prince Charming Embroidery JSK;
  • Emperor and Nightingale JSK;
  • Victorian Lace Ribbon One Piece.
Rose Melody:
  • Rose Melody Merry-Go-Round Skirt.
Dear Celine:
  • Early Autumn Houndstooth JSK;
  • Autumn College Long Sleeves Blouse.
  • Alice in Wonderland Rose Garden JSK;
  • Taisyou Romance Sakura JSK.
  • Alice Falling Down Chiffon Series (skirt, OP or JSK);
  • Lily Dream Underbust JSK;
  • Little Cloud OP.
  • Embroidery Skirt;
  • IW Style Chiffon JSK.
Surface Spell Gothic:
  • Judgement Day Embroidery Skirt/JSK.
Chess Story:
  • Starry Night Angel.

Wishlist Update!

- BTSSB Mary in the Sky with Candies OP/JSK/skirt in Black
2 - Innocent World, Martine OP in Milk Tea x Beige
3 - Innocent World Kristi OP in Navy
4 - Innocent World Merry-Go-Round OP (short) in Black x Black
5 - Innocent World Eleonore JSK (short) in Café au Lait
6 - Innocent World Arabesque JSK (short) in Green
7 - BTSSB Macaron Dot JSK in Ivory
8 - BTSSB Starlit Sky JSK in Navy
9 - BTSSB Twinkle Constellation and the Stars of Confeito JSK in Lemon Yellow

Wishlist update